Often times, an organization’s SelfAssessment effort ends at the exam launch.  After the exam is launched, all the focus shift to supporting the exam administration, and preparing for the next version of SelfAssessment exam.  If this is the approach your organization is taking, you have squandered one big opportunity to continually improve your product, and keep your learners coming back.

OasisLMS has an optional feature to turn on Personalized Study Guide.  The concept of Personalized Study Guide, or Adaptive Learning, is common knowledge in the education industry, but Oasis has streamlined the entire process.  All you have to do is linking your existing learning content or upcoming course registrations under Study Guide section, and tag which category (and/or learning objective) each study guide belongs to.

When a learner finishes the exam, a Study Guide option will appear, containing the registration links and/or learning contents that matches the weak areas manifested in learner’s question response, since all questions within Oasis have been properly tagged to category (and/or learning objectives).  Advanced setting is available to tweak different triggering rules for each study guide.

The study guide generation is completely dynamic.  This allows educator to continuously add more learning contents or new course registration links, as weakness across all learners are identified.  Not only will learners receive learning contents that match their exact problem area, Personalized Study Guide is also a great way to cross sell additional product or services.

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