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Design Philosophy

We designed Oasis LMS to be simple, yet feature robust. We achieved this goal through a modular design, where each client selects from 100’s of available modules. The end result is a LMS with all the features you want, and none of the features you don’t.

Fanatic Support

Oasis LMS’ great features bring our clients onboard, but it is our fanatic support that keeps every client with us, with zero client turnovers. Armed with vast documentation portal (built with Oasis LMS!) and knowledgeable support staff, Oasis LMS clients are empowered to complete their educational visions with confidence.

Not just a Vendor, but a Partner

Oasis LMS seeks to be more than a LMS vendor. We want to be a partner. Through regularly scheduled meetings, we wants to understand the exciting ideas or new challenges that our clients are facing, and how we can enhance Oasis LMS to fulfill those ideas and overcome those challenges. And we will make these enhancements for free, because our partnership is making Oasis LMS the best LMS on the market.


Trusted by 100’s of clients with hundreds of thousands of learners each and every day, Oasis LMS is built entirely with Amazon cloud infrastructure. Our clients can rest assured that a dedicated team is monitoring the health of their LMS. Furthermore, as newer versions of Oasis LMS are released, our Service Delivery team will take care of system upgrades and regression testing. All you have to do is tell us when we can perform the upgrade.

Oasis LMS Features

Your logic, Your Branding

Oasis LMS is designed as a skin-able LMS, where each instance can be fully themed to meet your branding needs. In addition to hundreds of configuration and module selection options, Oasis LMS is also equipped with a ClientBehavior engine, where existing workflow and business rules can be overwritten with your own requirement.

The same principle is applied to our native mobile app, OasisMobile.  The iOS and Android app are published under your own AppStore/GooglePlay account, with your own color scheme, logo, and business logic.

Same LMS, Different Focus

At Oasis LMS, we don’t believe a single LMS can meet every educational requirement. Any LMS making such claims ends up providing a patchwork system that is both confusing and overly complicated. Oasis LMS is configured to focus on the type of educational activity our clients want to offer, whether it is Online Learning, SelfAssessment Exams, Item Banking, or Board Review Courses. By having a focus, the user experience in Oasis LMS is much more streamlined and intuitive, while under the hood, it is the same set of trusted and true LMS engine that manages the process.

Web and Native App

Oasis LMS is fully responsive, and looks equally amazing on desktop and mobile devices. As more learners take learning on the go, they demand more than just a mobile-optimized website. OasisMobile, an optional add-on to Oasis LMS, is our beautiful native iOS/Android app that fully integrates with Oasis LMS.

Dedicated Instance, HIPPA compliant

Oasis LMS employs “single-tenant” architecture. Each client has a completely dedicated Oasis LMS instance and Amazon bucket, and no data is ever commingled across clients. This design allows Oasis upgrades at each client’s own timing, and provides easy HIPPA compliance.


In today’s age, learners are demanding more and more multi-media learning contents, especially high-quality videos. However, serving up high-quality videos demands reliable and scalable network infrastructure. Oasis LMS is built on top of best Amazon has to offer, from EC2 to S3 to CloudFront to Elastic Encoding. What does this all mean? Oasis LMS auto-magically and securely upload all your contents to Amazon, spreads them across Amazon’s CDN, so your learner can consume your content with the same technology that Netflix use to deliver their video. And this is 100% built-in.

Oasis Ecosystem

For bigger educational providers with complex requirement, or the need to launch multiple and distinctly different educational products, multiple Oasis LMS instances can be linked to create an Oasis Ecosystem. For example, a single Oasis LMS instance with Item Banking focus can share its questions with multiple other Oasis LMS instance with Online Learning or SelfAssessment or Board Review focus. Many of our clients have deployed multiple instances of Oasis LMS, in their effort to launch differentiated products in the market place, while saving the administrative overhead by centralizing the content creation.


We have trusted Oasis with our education program since 2008, and have created a rewarding partnership. We have found the entire Oasis team to be technically competent, enthusiastic, professional, easy to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Susan Carlson Director of Education, AANA
Oasis has gone above and beyond in the development of our learning management system. They are a flexible and dedicated team and committed to solutions that solve real-world problems. We look forward to continue working them in the future.
Dr. Richard Cloud Professor of Psychology, UofL
We are delighted with Oasis LMS and the great feedback we received since its launch. Using business language rather than technical jargon, they collaborated with us and delivered a solution that exceed our expectations.
CJ Chandler Special Project Manager, IOC