Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions. But feel free to contact us for any additional questions.

Is it true that you make Oasis customization for free? Why?

Oasis customization happens during the implementation phase of the LMS project.  It is our commitment to provide the best LMS solution for your organization.  We refuse to deliver a sub-par solution simply because an oversight in the initial requirement, a miscommunication in scoping meeting, or limited budget.  Our goal is to build a long lasting partnership, where we improve Oasis to realize our clients’ education goals and operational excellence, which in turn makes Oasis better.

To realize this goal, there might be customization required, some of which might not manifest themselves until later in the project.  Our motto is, “if it is the right thing to do, we will do it, free of charge”.

By firmly adhering and delivering on this promise, hundreds of enhancements have been added to Oasis over the years, and it is rare to find a LMS need that Oasis doesn’t already provide.

Is it true that you provide free proof-of-concept sandbox before we purchase? Why?

Yes, because we believe it is the right approach.  Oasis LMS’ biggest strength is its flexible design, and how quickly it can be setup with nearly all of the required features.  We believe a free POC instance is the best way for demonstrate this claim, and the best way for any prospective clients to make a fully informed decision on its LMS selection.

Below lists what is typically included in a free proof-of-concept (POC) sandbox:

  • An Oasis LMS instance with an existing Oasis color scheme that closely matches your color scheme.  (Custom color scheme is available for actual implementation)
  • Setting POC instance with modules and configurations as understood from the initial phone call.
  • Populate POC instance with sufficient content to allow end-to-end demonstration of user experience.

Below lists what is NOT included in a free proof-of-concept (POC) sandbox:

  • Customization to integrate with your existing Single-Sign-On
  • Customization for any special features not available within Oasis LMS
  • Full data migration of learning contents or questions
Is it true that you provide free implementation? Why?

We will set up Oasis LMS for free with a signed contract.  Data migration and OasisMobile (iOS and/or Android) app will require additional fee.

One of the biggest complaints we hear is how expensive it is to implement a LMS.  After investing significant dollars for a LMS, an organization will be strapped to seek alternative if the implementation fails.  Meanwhile, the LMS vendor is fully protected because they have profited from the implementation.

With Oasis, we believe a LMS should be a joint investment, with both the vendor and the client have skin in the game.  By providing free implementation, our success will only result from a successful implementation of Oasis LMS.  By perfectly aligning our incentives, we have had a 100% success rate in Oasis LMS implementation.

What if we need a feature that Oasis LMS doesn't provide?

In the unlikely scenario that Oasis does not fully meet the LMS requirements of your organization, we would love to discuss how we can bridge that gap.  If your requirement can be beneficial to other Oasis clients, the enhancement will be placed in our road map.

If your organization’s requirement is unique and does not have universal appeal, an estimate will be provided for such enhancement.

What is provided in the licensing fee?


With a current license, Oasis clients will receive:

  • Free hosting (on Amazon)
  • Free support (during U.S. Business hours)
  • Free upgrades (whenever available)
  • Free backup (daily) and maintenance

We offer different service levels for different tier of service plans.  One of Oasis support staff will get back to our client within 24 hours at most, typically much sooner.

Do you work with third parties?

Yes. Oasis is already working with several education providers, who combines their industry know-how with our proven technology. These third parties will maintain contractual obligation with the end client, and repackage Oasis LMS under their own logo.