Self Assessment Exam/Program

Ever wonder if there is a better (and easier) way? Yes, there is.

Single Loop System

Oasis LMS fully manages the exam and question life-cycle, from writing assignments to question authoring to vetting and reviewing to finalizing and exam construction. When the exam is ready for publication, a single click makes the exam available to the public, both online and via OasisMobile native app. As learners engage in the exams, real time reports and analytical insights are available, providing the insight and data to take your educational goals to the next level.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Across our clients, there have been over 1,000 exams published, with over 200,000 questions authored and reviewed, engaging over half a million learners. Almost every one of our clients has some unique business requirement for their LMS, yet Oasis LMS unified everyone’s need into a single platform that is intuitive and reliable.

Your Mobile Strategy

Over 60% of our clients’ learners prefer taking Self Assessment exams on their iPhone or iPad. The other 40% is just waiting for our Android version to come out. So, why are other LMS vendors claiming that people don’t want an app? Because their technology doesn’t match up with OasisMobile, the native mobile app that fully integrates with Oasis LMS.

Ask yourself this question. The last time you checked Facebook, was it on your mobile app?

Free Proof of Concept

For qualified prospective clients, a sandbox Oasis LMS with desired configurations and feature options can be set up free of charge. Ever get disappointed because vendor’s demo always seems better than what you actually end up getting? No more “smoke and mirrors”. Give us a week, and we will spin up a fully functional Oasis LMS, with your Self Assessment feature requirement, so you know exactly what you will get if you move your LMS to Oasis.

Feature Highlights

Mobile App

The age of mobile app has firmly taken hold, and having a responsive website as your mobile strategy is no longer sufficient.  Today’s consumer demands to take their learning on the go, and having a solid mobile app will distinguish your organization in the market place.

OasisMobile, our native iOS and Android app, is fully integrated with Oasis LMS, and can be branded and themed for your organization, and published under your organization’s Apple Store and Google Play account.  Watch your learners’ joy when they download the content for offline use, and completes their accreditation requirement while on a flight to their favorite vacation spot.

Exam Options

With the most extensive exam options in the industry, dozens of educational institutions have trusted Oasis LMS for its exam engine.  From Self Assessment Exams to Pre/Post Exams to custom Quizzing, to question presentation in Learning vs Examination mode, to having configurable minimum passing score and exam re-take rules, our experience with well known industry leaders allows us to confidently claim, if you can dream it, we already have it.

Question Tagging

After nearly 500,000 questions authored through our system, Oasis LMS has perfected the art of question tagging.  Whether it is nested topic, mapped learning objectives, competency, commentary, reference, etc., we probably have implemented them all.

In addition, our Question Search feature allows querying against any dimensions of the question tags and downloading of questions any all common industry formats.

Question Types

Oasis LMS supports all of the typical question types needed to fully evaluate learners’ grasp of the delivered content, such as true/false questions, multiple choice and multiple select questions, and more complicated questions such as medical coding, fill-in-the-blank, adaptive examination.


After handling nearly half a million of certification-caliber questions, Oasis LMS question engine can handle any multi-media types used in modern exams.  In addition to supporting embedded Image / audio / video, in question and/or commentary, Oasis also provides automatic video/audio transcoding for 100% browser compatibility and full Amazon Integration for fast and reliable multimedia content delivery.

Certificate Management

Upon the completion of an online learning activity, Oasis LMS can generate a certificate PDF, or integrate with an existing certification engine to generate such PDF.  Oasis internal Certificate Management feature allows template-based certificate generation, complete with your logo and executive signature, downloadable for all learners.

All certificates can also be configured to automatically emailed to the learner, supervisor, and/or a transcript coordinator.

Accreditation Management

If your organization provides accreditation for completion of learning activities, Oasis LMS is perfect for you. Each learning activity can be accredited with any number of credit types and credit amount, with optional minimum passing scores requirement, custom credit claiming instructions, and flexible retake rules.

In addition to track track accreditation within Oasis, we have successfully Integrated with many external systems for accreditation synchronization.

Built-in Ecommerce Capability

If you don’t have an existing e-commerce engine, Oasis LMS’ built-in shopping cart works with Paypal and Authorize.NET.  Advanced features, such as membership based tiered pricing, promotional voucher code for discounts, bundled pricing, etc., are also readily available.

If you already have an existing e-commerce engine, rest assured that Oasis LMS has successfully integrated with dozens custom-designed or popular commercial shopping carts.

Email Reminder

One of the biggest problems with Online Self Assessment Exam is getting learners to complete the exam.  With built-in Email Reminder engine, administrator has full control over how and when email reminders are sent to the learner, such as X days after the start, or X days before expiration.

Oasis clients have seen a drastic improvement in completion rate after turning on the Email Reminder feature.

Personalized Study Guide

Learners’ participation in a Self Assessment program shouldn’t end at the exam completion.  Oasis LMS allows dynamic generation of a personalized study guide, based on learners’ actual response and scoring within each categories.

Imagine providing tailored learning contents and registration URL of a specific upcoming course, filtered from a pool of available learning contents and upcoming courses, down to just the subset that learner has demonstrated weakness in, according to his/her exam.  With Oasis LMS, it is entirely built-in.

Workflow Based Question Review

A common frustration with Self Assessment exams is the management of question writing and vetting process.  Oasis LMS provides a workflow engine that fully tracks the question writing process.  Each question has its life-cycle, while question reviews can be setup using flexible rules.

Along with full change tracking and audit trails, Oasis LMS will finally put order in the question writing chaos.

Evaluation / Survey

Each Self Assessment exam is equipped with an optional pre-exam survey, and an optional post-exam evaluation.  The user experience is streamlined.  As learners completes these surveys and evaluations, their responses are presented in intuitive reports and downloadable as Excel or csv files.

Reports, reports, reports

For passionate educators, reports are the most critical part of any learning platform.  It is through these reports that insights are generated, direction for additional learning contents are set, and how organizations meet their compliance.

Oasis LMS reports are crafted in collaboration with thought leaders in the education field, capturing the most important attributes in each Self Assessment exam.  Be sure to check out our Visual Tour section for some examples.