Item Banking

Find out why over a dozen exam accreditation bodies uses Oasis LMS

Item Banking, Done Right

Oasis LMS, configured with Item Banking focus, takes question writing to the next level. In addition to the question writing capabilities that Self Assessment focus has, Item Banking focus has additional sophistication for Item Analysis, optional scoring, and more granular control over access to published questions.

Oasis LMS Eco-System

Item Bank instance of Oasis LMS is the master node in an Oasis LMS eco-system. You can keep all your learning content in the Item Banking instance, and create multiple instances of Oasis LMS for distribution. An Oasis LMS eco-system provides opportunity to launch and market multiple educational products, while keeping the administrative overhead low, through a single eco-system managed through Item Banking.

Feature Highlights

Manage Oasis Eco-System

Many clients uses multiple Oasis instances, to offer multiple educational products.  If these educational products share the same questions or learning content, a single Oasis instance configured with Item Bank focus will serve as the master node, hosting all the questions and learning contents, while orchestrating the distribution of these content across all Oasis distribution nodes.

Question Tagging

After nearly 500,000 questions authored through our system, Oasis LMS has perfected the art of question tagging.  Whether it is nested topic, mapped learning objectives, competency, commentary, reference, etc., we probably have implemented them all.

In addition, our Question Search feature allows querying against any dimensions of the question tags and downloading of questions any all common industry formats.

Workflow Based Question Review

A common frustration with Self Assessment exams is the management of question writing and vetting process. Oasis LMS provides a workflow engine that fully tracks the question writing process. Each question has its life-cycle, while question reviews can be setup using flexible rules.

Along with full change tracking and audit trails, Oasis LMS will finally put order in the question writing chaos.

Advanced Item Analysis

Several certification boards uses Oasis LMS to manage their item banks, from authoring and vetting to item analysis and question pruning. Regardless of your requirement for item analysis, we already have a solution for you.

Industry Standard Question Export

Oasis LMS ensures that all authored questions can be easily exported to industry standard format, such as QTI, SCORM, ITS, Excel, .csv, and .zip file.

Complex Item Banking Requirement

If you think your Item Banking requirement is too unique for a commercial Learning Management System, give us a call. We are successfully managing a variety of complex item banking requirements, such as conditional category tree constraints, granular question authoring access control, question aging, automatic question weighting, etc. You might be surprised that your “unique” requirement is just a few check boxes away, in Oasis LMS.