E-learning has become an integral part of training programs across various industries, and the use of Learning Management Systems (LMS) has revolutionized the way we learn and acquire new skills. LMS platforms are designed to simplify the learning process and provide a seamless experience for learners. With the growing demand for online training programs, the need for an efficient LMS for government training programs has become more important than ever. In this context, the Oasis LMS stands out with its unique features, including a completely native iOS app that offers a full offline capability for learning on the go.

One of the most unique feature of Oasis LMS is our completely native iOS app, an optional add-on to Oasis LMS.  Across our current client base, over 60% of the learners complete their Self-Assessment exams on iPhone or iPad, instead of website.  This is in-line with the overall industry trend, as published in Business Insider’s article Mobile vs App Usage.

Most other LMS vendors touts a responsive website as their mobile strategy.  However, a true native mobile app brings the full user experience that today’s learners expects, and full offline capability for learning-on-the-go.  The recording below is quick overview of learner experience when taking Self-Assessment exams using OasisMobile.

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