Some SelfAssessment exams can contain 100 or 200 questions, covering a variety of topics and learning objectives, and has been universally accepted as a great tool for learners to verify their knowledge.  However, study after study have shown that, knowledge is better retained through more practice, and industry standard has been a simple exam reset + retake approach.

After collaborating with industry thought leaders, OasisLMS has added a new feature for SelfAssessment exams, called Custom Quizzing.  Essentially, when the user completes the SelfAssessment exam, he/she can create a customized quiz from the Exam’s question pool.  Each individual can pick and choose which questions they want to focus on in their own custom quiz, such as interested categories, missed questions, bookmarked questions, etc.

By providing learner the ability to generate a custom quiz from an existing exam, OasisLMS offers more ways for learners to focus on their weak/interested topics, and allows our clients to get more out of their existing investment.

Contact your account manager if you want more information on how to turn on Custom Quizzing in your Oasis instance.

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