Online Learning

Quick and Simple

Oasis LMS allows its clients to quickly and easily launch their content online. Whether it is videos or PowerPoints or any one of supported formats, a simple wizard will guide you through the content creation/importing process. Complete with additional options such as post-activity exam, evaluation/survey, accreditation management, and customizable certificate generation, your learning content can be published online within 15 minutes.

Advanced and Robust

Oasis LMS can be configured to meet the most complicated online learning requirement. From predetermined learning path, optional prerequisites, to learning track configuration and user profile-based learning content availability management, to achievement gamification to cross-selling and score-based recommendation engine, Oasis LMS has answered the calls for hundreds of clients with myriad learning needs. Your requirements are probably just a few check-boxes on the module selection page.

Mobile Strategy

Tired of other LMS vendors claiming that you don’t need a native mobile app, and a responsive website is “good enough”, while hearing loud and clear that your customers wants an app that they can take learning on the go? Oasis Mobile is the native mobile app that fully integrates with Oasis LMS. Do you have a mobile strategy? With Oasis Mobile, that mobile strategy is a reality.

Free Proof of Concept

Ever get disappointed because vendor’s demo always seems better than what you end up getting?  For qualified clients, a sandbox Oasis LMS with desired configurations and feature options can be set up free of charge.  Give us a week, and you will have a fully functional Oasis LMS, with your content and feature requirement.  Remove guesswork from your LMS selection, and give us a call!

Feature Highlights

Learning Content

Regardless the format of you existing or future learning content, Oasis LMS probably already hosts multiple Online Courses of same content type.  From typical PDF and MS Office Documents, to Powerpoints/Slides, to ever popular video/image gallery, our typical clients have taken their content and have them ready online within 15 minutes.

If your learning content is more complicated, such as interactive exercise, mix and match, etc., reach out to us and we will let you know if such content type is already supported, or can be supported with minor adjustment.

Learning Structure

Learning contents of varying complexity and depth can be hosted within Oasis LMS.  The most basic structure, single level, is suitable for flat learning content.  Slightly advanced structure, two levels, is typically used for learning content that are organized as modules (or chapters).  More in-depth learning content can leverage our three levels structure, where learning content broken down into modules and sub-sections.

Across our clients, Oasis LMS is used for learning contents of a couple 5 minute videos to learning contents of 400 hours.

Learning Path

Oasis LMS has plethora features to create simple or sophisticated learning pathway (often referred to as learning tracks).

By combining prerequisites (complete A or B before starting C), enforced learning sequence (complete in sequence of A, then B, then C), grouped courses (complete A, B, or C), profile-based bundles (If role X, complete A, B.  If role Y, completes B or C), Oasis LMS can meet most of the learning pathway requirement out of the box.

Question Types

Oasis LMS supports all of the typical question types needed to fully evaluate learners’ grasp of the delivered content, such as true/false questions, multiple choice and multiple select questions, and more complicated questions such as medical coding, fill-in-the-blank, adaptive examination.

Adaptive Learning / Cross Selling

Based on a learner’s learning history, and optionally the scores from the learning history, Oasis LMS allows administrator to quickly and easily setup recommendation rules.  As soon as the user completes a learning activity, additional learning activities are automatically presented.

Oasis recommendation engine opens up opportunities for adaptive learning and cross-selling.


Certificate Management

Upon the completion of an online learning activity, Oasis LMS can generate a certificate PDF, or integrate with an existing certification engine to generate such PDF.  Oasis internal Certificate Management feature allows template-based certificate generation, complete with your logo and executive signature, downloadable for all learners.

All certificates can also be configured to automatically emailed to the learner, supervisor, and/or a transcript coordinator.

Accreditation Management

If your organization provides accreditation for completion of learning activities, Oasis LMS is perfect for you.  Each learning activity can be accredited with any number of credit types and credit amount, with optional minimum passing scores requirement, custom credit claiming instructions, and flexible retake rules.

In addition to track track accreditation within Oasis, we have successfully Integrated with many external systems for accreditation synchronization.

Exam Options

When it comes to administrating exams within a learning activity, Oasis LMS has all the possibilities covered.  Any learning activity can be launched with an exam or a pair of pre/post exams to gauge effectiveness of the learning content.

For learning content with sufficient depth, each learning modules can require a quiz at the end, allow quick assessment of learners’ knowledge, before he/she moves through the content.


Role-Based Access

One of Oasis most welcoming features is its single-loop design.  By assigning users with correct role, you can designate faculty to author and review the learning contents, learner to consume the published content, supervisor to monitor its team member’s progress, and administrator to handle everything within the system.

Our User Impersonation option allows administrator to take over anyone’s session in the system, mimicking as any user.  This feature is a life-saver for easy troubleshooting, support, and educational purpose.

Built-in E-Commerce

If you don’t have an existing e-commerce engine, Oasis LMS’ built-in shopping cart works with Paypal and Authorize.NET.  Advanced features, such as membership based tiered pricing, promotional voucher code for discounts, bundled pricing, etc., are also readily available.

If you already have an existing e-commerce engine, rest assured that Oasis LMS has successfully integrated with dozens custom-designed or popular commercial shopping carts.

Email Reminder

One of the biggest problems with Online Learning is getting learners to complete the course.  With built-in Email Reminder engine, administrator has full control over how and when email reminders are sent to the learner, such as X days after the start, or X days before expiration.

Oasis clients have seen a drastic improvement in completion rate after turning on the Email Reminder feature.

Additional Features

There are a ton more features not listed here, such as Time Tracking, Achievement, Gamification, etc.

Oasis LMS also offers open API for more advanced integration, opens up unlimited possibilities