Learning Management System, with a Focus

LMS, with a focus

One common feedback for Oasis is, “Is this a LMS, or did you custom develop it for us”? Most LMS tries to be everything for everybody, resulting in loosely linked features and awkward user experience.

Oasis LMS is designed to be intuitive and user friendly. To achieve this goal, each Oasis LMS instance is configured with a particular focus, and user experience changes based on the configured focus. While other LMS feels like “rigged” for your requirement, Oasis LMS feels like custom designed for your requirement.

Different Focus, Same LMS

Oasis LMS can be configured to focus on “Online Learning”, “Self Assessment”, or “Item Banking”.

Regardless which focus is configured, it is the same LMS that manages the question writing, exam taking, user management, accreditation, etc. The only difference is how the content is presented, to ensure the best user experience.