One of our clients asked about the exact difference between Learning mode vs Examination mode within OasisLMS, so I am putting up a blog so we can reference it in the future.

When an exam is configured for Learning mode, the answer is revealed as soon as the learner answers the question.  When an exam is configured for Examination mode, the answer is revealed when the learner finishes the entire exam and submits it for scoring.

There are a few administrative details on allowing Learning mode and/or Examination mode within OasisLMS.

  1. You can allow both Learning mode and Examination mode for the same exam.  When both options are available, the learner will be prompted to make an exam mode selection when starting the exam.
  2. You can designated different credit type and amount based on Learning mode and Examination mode.  For example, it is very typical for medical associations to provide CME credits if the exam is taken under learning mode, and CME and MOC credits if the exam is taken under examination mode.  Check your specific accreditation body for exact rules.

Contact your account manager if you want more information on Oasis exam modes, and how they can be applied in your organization.

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